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At Balmy Beach Pet Clinic, it is our mission to provide excellent veterinary health care to the pets we serve, while investing in training our team on the most recent advancements and educating our clients for a healthier tomorrow. Our team is devoted to providing patients with better care, providing clients with better knowledge, and providing the community with better service to enhance and evolve the human-pet bond.

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Our veterinary team in Toronto welcomes you and your pet! Here at Balmy Beach Pet Hospital, we always welcome new clients and patients to our full-service veterinary practice in Toronto.

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Unbelievable sister team (Dr. Singh &Nav) with true compassion for both your pet and you..a few weeks ago I brought my geriatric cat Lola in with a gastric and respiratory emergency..she was immediately made a priority - assessed, diagnosed, and stabilized. I was made to feel part of the team and allowed to stay and stand by..since that time Dr. Singh has made 3 visits to my home to check on my precious cat and to deliver medications that were needed..these visits were greatly appreciated.
Dr. Singh has demonstrated compassion, efficiency and extensive and invaluable knowledge.
Thank you both!

Joanne O'Connor

Sukhi provided our 19 year old cat Alex with a home visit. She was kind, engaging and very skilled. She treated both Alex and me with respect, dignity and friendship. I recommend this service extremely highly and shall not hesitate to use them in the future.

Claire McConnell

The best animal hospital in the East End! Incredibly kind and compassionate, genuinely care deeply about animals and their prices are fair. Dr Singh dropped her own personal plans when she heard my dog had an infection and immediately opened up her availability for me to come in asap - whereas our regular vet called me back 3 weeks LATER to say they had availability. I cannot recommend Balmy Beach enough, I love them, my dog loves them, they love my dog, it's a win win all around!

Monica S

I have seen doctor Singh both in clinic and at my home, she was wonderful, compassionate, and caring while I lost my beloved 15 year old cat to lung cancer. Honestly I've never had such a good experience losing a pet.

My 18 year old cat with kidney disease is doing ever so much better under her care. My only complaint is that I didn't find this clinic sooner ❤️

Sass Inak

For serious pet owners our pets are an integral part of the family. Dr. Sukhi “gets” that. She not only treats our pets with the upmost attention, advance medical practices and care, never losing sight of the concern and emotions we have as the owner. On two occasions Dr. Sukhi opened the clinic AFTER HOURS to perform a surgery and tests.
Our questions are always answered, follow-ups are timely and our pets are comfortable with her manner.
We can’t say enough about our experience. We continue to be a client.
Jim & Deborah plus Winston & Charlee

Jim Lecuyer

Over the years I have rescued various homeless cats. Some have been adopted out others ,mostly with medical issues, I have kept. I have gone to various clinics and dealt with a variety of vets until I met Dr Sukhi Singh. Sukhi has been my vet for over 10 years . During this time she has shown me how knowledgeable, kind and caring she is when dealing with my pets' issues ranging from toorh extractions to treating kidney and heart disease.

Recently Bandit, one of my pets who has been a loyal companion to me for the last 15 1/2 years was having trouble breathing. It was an emergency and I do not drive. I called Sukhi and told her what was going on with Bandit. She was at my house within 15 minutes, took Bandit to the clinic where she removed a major amount of fluid that had built up around his lungs due to what she found to be Congestive heart disease. If she had not been kind enough to offer to pick him up and treat him immediately I do not know if he would have survived and I am grateful to her for going above and beyond her job to ensure Bandit received the quickest and best care possible. He is at home and has been doing well for the last 5 months.

One of my other guys , Buddy, developed a major dental disease called Stomatitus by the time he was 2 years old. This is one of the most painful diseases a cat can have. For most of them a full mouth tooth extraction usually cures the problem but for a small percentage it doesn't. Buddy was one of the exceptions. Even with his teeth removed when he tried to eat he yelped in pain as if he were trying to swallow glass. The usual treatment is steroids and other medications which cats quickly build up a resistance to. Sukhi did not treat Buddy with pills and steroids. Since she has kept up to date on medical technologies she cured him by using a " Healing Laser". After 7 laser treatments Buddy was cured and does not need any medications. There are not many vets offering this laser treatment and there are still many cats out there who are living with horrific pain on a daily basis. I Have told many of my friends who have cats, some of which have been suffering with Stomatitus for years about Sukhi and her laser therapy. They have contacted Sukhi to perform laser therapy on their pets with the same positive results.

Sukhi is a great and compassionate vet and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for good care for the furry members of their family.

Karen Silverman

Finding Dr.Singh was an absolute blessing. Our senior dog has serious health issues and on Sunday, I felt she needed to be seen. Dr.Singh saw her right away. She got her history, did tests and shared her findings in a clear way that I could understand.
The news was hard to hear, but not unexpected. Dr.Singh helped us to give our girl the opportunity to live the rest of her life comfortably.
Dr.Singh and her assistant showed genuine kindness, empathy and compassion. Thank you

Andrea White

I'm so happy I found Balmy Beach Pet Hospital. My cat, Lenny, had a urinary blockage on a Sunday and Dr. Sukhi was able to see him right away and get him stabilized. It was a stressful week and I'm very grateful for the competence and compassion of Dr. Sukhi, Nav, and Christina. The communication was constant, and I always knew what was happening with Lenny while he was at the hospital. With Dr. Sukhi's expertise and diet recommendations, Lenny is now doing really well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Balmy Beach Pet Hospital to anyone, and I will be taking the rest of my pets there for regular care.

Kara Mispel-Beyer

My dog was diagnosed with leukemia 2 months ago. Overnight Rufus rapidly deteriorated and it was a Saturday, a very difficult day to find a vet with an open spot available. My regular vet is not open on Saturdays therefore I needed to find a vet that could put my baby to sleep. I called around to numerous vets, one who would take Rufus but due to Covid they were not going to allow me to be with him while they medicated and catharitized him. Rufus, under normal circumstances is an anxious dog. I did not want him to be alone at any stage. He had given me too much love and affection. I could not let him down.

By the time I reached out to Balmy Beach Hospital I had all but given up hope. Not only did they agree to help me but they were able to do a home visit! This was more than I could have hoped for. They recommended that I come to their office to pick up medication to ease the pain and anxiety for Rufus pending their arrival to my home. From the moment Dr Singh and her assistant arrived at my home their only concern was for the well being of Rufus and my family. They were gentle, kind, patient and loving with Rufus. Letting go of a beloved pet is never easy but Dr Singh and her team made the process so much easier. My baby Rufus passed away in the arms of his Mommy, relaxed and eating treats with the entire family present.

I will be forever grateful to the Team at Balmy Beach Pet Hospital. I would highly recommend them for their kindness, experience and wholly compassionate approach

Deborah McCarthy

My first visit with the Balmy Beach Vet Hospital today. I was really impressed with the attentive service received. It’s clear that this vet puts the requirements of the pets first. The office call was not at all rushed and pertinent information was shared. My dogs eye will have to be removed but I feel confident that it will be done with care by Dr. Sukhi Singh. Thank you for your kindness, compassion and knowledge today.

Colleen Zuber

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