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Welcome to Balmy Beach Pet Hospital, your local veterinarians in Toronto.

We’re proud to provide a wide variety of veterinary medical services for small animals in Toronto & surrounding areas!


Show kindness, caring, and willingness to help every person and pet we interact with


Working with our team and clients to deliver team-oriented health care and the best possible outcome for our patients


Educating our clients to make informed and confident decisions to be knowledgeable and responsible pet owners


Do No Harm and Do What Is Right, at the right time and for the right reasons for each and every person and pet that comes into our care


Fostering a team who strives to go above and beyond for each patient and client to provide exceptional care


At Balmy Beach Pet Clinic, it is our mission to provide excellent veterinary health care to the pets we serve, while investing in training our team on the most recent advancements and educating our clients for a healthier tomorrow.


We provide “fear-free” pet care that is compassionate and comprehensive, whilst maintaining transparency, and keeping financial and emotional goals of clients in mind.    

Our Values

Provide pet care compassionately, allow transparency to pet parents so that they are kept in the loop, be available to my clients in times of need, always maintaining open lines of communication. Collaborating with colleagues when needed to deliver the best possible outcomes for the patients, forging trust in all vet-patient-client relationships. 

Fear-Free Commitment

At Balmy Beach Pet Clinic, we are committed to providing “fear-free” pet care by exceeding client expectations and providing exceptional medical and surgical interventions to improve the health, welfare, and quality of life for all patients. We strive to educate clients with reliable, accurate, and timely information to make the best possible decision for their beloved companions.  Our team is devoted to providing patients with better care, providing clients with better knowledge and providing the community with better service to enhance and evolve the human-pet bond.

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